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    The girl in a crown

    It may have been a long hiatus. Summer admittedly has been over and it is March first. With spring comes new opportunities, and I am proud to announce a fresh chapter for my K. Maze writing adventure. I have recently signed with Aurelio Leo to produce a serialized story from my Science Fiction (Sci Fi) novella. Set in the near future, Nala Nightengale summons moxie from her unknown past to overcome the unthinkable future. My novella (name to be revealed later) is the story of a young journalist facing a decision to report the last report as an incoming asteroid threatens to destroy all life OR follow the clues in…

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    Starfish & This Summer’s Book Journeys

    The heat of summer has broken, and the sun is starting to set at just the right time to send my kids to bed for early school hours. The Dog Days are ending soon, but before I think too hard about the added stresses of three school schedules, or the persistence of rain here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ll savor my remaining summer moments.  Currently, I’m stealing away a sunny evening on my back porch, with ice tea and a light breeze warming the air.  It was a fun summer, and I found time to read a variety of books I’ll review here. They are varied, YA contemporary, fantasy, paranormal…

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    Eclipse tips – Oregon 2017, 2018

    Last year a Solar Eclipse made headlines near our town, and we were lucky to participate.  This summer another, longer eclipse of the century will happen, but unfortunately it will not be visible from our part of the world.  Here is more information on the eclipse expected on July 27, 2018.  One can view it online, but it won’t compare to the fanfare of last year.  Here is the throwback post from last summer along with our pictures.  Here is the link to my previous post on Eclipses 101 about how to view the solar event. Enjoy!  The total eclipse of the sun occurred on this date and one of…

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  • Christmas in July – The Persistence of our Charlie Brown Tree

    Here is the Christmas Tree that wasn’t my friend.  This tree legitimately tried its hardest to destroy Christmas, but ultimately brought laughter and joy.   Here is the feed from one of my most enjoyed posts. Names reduced to initials.  The tree will soon become food for a bonfire – stay tuned! Facebook © 2018 December 7, 2017 ·  Current status of live cut tree straight from nature. Pure naked nature.#keepingthetree #vacuumedtwicethishour #goodolfashionedxmas ME: It’s adorable! LC :😱🙄🤣😂🤣love it! EB: It will be just like the tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. It just needs a little love and some decorations. 🙂https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGXxWBEbQmgManage YOUTUBE.COM DM: OMG!! It looks worse than last night!! 😂😂😂 TR: hmmmm Firefighter Tim says…

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    Overspent – a fraud study (part 2)

    A Fraud Study has ended since I’ve gotten my regular debit card and life is somewhat back to normal. Operation Social Experiment is finished and as promised, here are the results. Perhaps the biggest observation is more about what a fraud I turned out to be. Fraud – funny word  if you pronounce it as two syllables, but who would do that? Fra – UD.  Say it, because it is pretty fun. I won’t be that hard on myself, I didn’t want to suffer too much during my vacation.  I also didn’t choose to have my card number compromised. Operation Minimalist would counter act the idea of keeping life in balance, adding…

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    Overspent – a fraud study (part 1)

    Most of the time my blog topics are carefully planned, researched, and heartfelt, today is a little different.  Today I will embark on a mini study on spending habits and how they affect my well being.  I am picking today mostly because today my bank called to inform me of a $500 -ish order from an ‘herb’ shop placed on my account. * Today the fraud department and I became friends. So, I’ll back up and relay the prickly events as they unfolded before explaining my social experiment. As I lay on a table with a porcupine load of acupuncture needles attending to an old sports injury, my bank called…

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    Summer Hiatus

    Hello friends, It is the time when I will shut down and regroup for a couple months, practicing the idea of keeping balance in life!  Other than an update or two, I will not update until sometime in September.  Hoping for a summer filled with outdoor adventures and meaningful friendships for you all. Stay amazing, K. Maze

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    Cran Vanilla Scones

    Maybe you tried one of my home-baked scones, and maybe you would like to create your own. Depending on your ability in the kitchen, this challenge could be fun.  One part of making the dough includes mixing, cutting and shaping – kinda like the dough one would play with as a kid.  Baking is something I enjoy when life gets stressful as I mix and mold most of my recipes by hand.  Although they are tasty, and I do have a sweet tooth, the best part is giving them away.  I’ve said it before – they are magic.  Just watch them disappear from the oven! If you are adventurous you…

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    Hummingbird Happy Dance

    Coffee.   I needed my coffee this morning, after allergies attacked me in the night, puffy eyes and itchy lungs made me reach for the meds.  As I sat in the sun, examining the gorgeous blooms and evergreens that cause the perpetual cold symptoms, a hummingbird friend popped up inches from my face.  Scarlet and Emerald green feathers tightly layered glistened as he sipped from the feeder.  Photography couldn’t capture the glint that reminded me of a sunset shimmering from a calm lake. The hummingbird darted between his breakfast and my face, an imaginary conversation playing out in his dance. As I took a sip  from my mug of Joe, I…

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    Tree Bathing – Get Wet!

    The final post of the SUP Tips for Life is here! The last tip for a well-balanced life is”Jump in and Get Wet!” Sometimes, if we try to jump in something pulls us back.  I’m calling that thing the Grabby Monkey thing-that-keeps-you-from-doing-the-thing-you-want.  We can stop the Grabby Monkey and regain focus with a little effort. My Grabby Monkey shape-shifts. It sometimes takes the form of folding laundry, or choosing from that laundry what to wear.  Other times family and their homework, sports, art classes, or events pull me away from my goals of staying balanced.  Eating well, bathing, and resting the body are important top. I bet I’m not alone…

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